What does KAEOT mean?

It's an acronym for Keep An Eye On Them.


Can I apply to be a model?

We are not a models agency. We work together with the main Portuguese model agencies, inviting the most promising models they represent, with the intention of showing their work to the world via this website. So, if you want to be a model, the best thing to do is to get in touch with these agencies.


Are you a magazine?

No. Although we produce our own content, KAEOT is not a magazine and doesn't aim to be one. 


What is the difference between the MODELS and the UPCOMERS pages?

In MODELS, we share the stories and careers of those who've been working for a while now and already have an international experience to share with us all. We also hope that their stories can inspire other boys/girls to follow their examples.

In UPCOMERS, we present you the new faces, the models with less experience but that are already showing great potencial to become successful models. 


Why is there a DESIGNERS section on this website?

When we started KAEOT, our intention was (and still is) to promote the new and upcoming talents in the Portuguese fashion scene. We want to show the world how many talented people we have in this business, but we are a small team operating with limited resources, so, for the time being, we'll be featuring Models and Designers. 


If this is all about Portuguese people, why is the whole website in English?

Fashion industry is global and English is the main spoken language among people within this industry. So, having the whole website in English was the obvious choice to reach a wider audience.


Will you be hiring people?

We are not hiring at the moment. Occasionally, we'll invite other people to collaborate with us, as long as they can relate with KAEOT's philosophy and purpose. You can also subscribe our Newsletter and we'll let you know if the situation changes.


I love what you are doing! Can I share your photos and interviews?

Sure, we are happy to see people sharing what we are doing. But please make sure to use a link back to this website. All the content of this website is copyrighted, therefore, if there's any image or text you'd like to share, don't forget to mention it's authors.

Please note that while "sharing is caring" any other type of use is forbidden.


Why should I credit the site?

All the content in this site is produced specially for it. Which means, there are people working hard for it to happen, so that you can enjoy these images, read the interviews and eventually learn and connect with the people involved. So, crediting the origin of the content you like is not only a sign of appreciation, but also, a sign of respect for the work being done here.