2016's most engaging content

While getting your e-mails and private messages on Facebook or Instagram can be a good way of receiving your feedback about what we’re doing here at KAEOT, there are also other tools that allow us to understand how your interaction with the website works.

Now that 2016 is coming to its end we got curious and decided to take a look at the numbers and share with you which were KAEOT’s most engaging contents. Just scroll down and check out the top 3 of each section.

this engagement data was provided by analytics coming from the website itself and from Google Analytics, considering the number of visits and time spent on each page during 2016. The results bellow are displayed in chronological order. *




Interviews and photoshoots with some of the most promising models, where they share their path so far and their international experience.



Interviews and photographies of some of the most promising designers, where they share their stories, their concepts and the challenges behind building their own brands/businesses.




Editorial stories with some of the young promising models.



Introducing you to the upcoming new faces of the fashion scene, through raw and natural shootings (no production involved).



Articles about the events and highlights of the Portuguese fashion scene, as well as interviews with the people behind the curtain. 

Goncalo Catarino