The first year of KAEOT

Time stands still for no one and all of the sudden... it’s been one year since the launch of KAEOT!

It was a wonderful first year and looking back to the beginning when we had planned interviewing one model and one designer per month, and looking to what we actually did over this last year… 17 models interviewed, 10 new faces' profiles, 10 designers interviewed, 6 editorials and a few more articles written and photographed for the “Highlights” section… 

This was remarkable for us! Specially if we consider the size and resources of the team behind KAEOT.

It obviously wasn’t easy to make it all happen, because of all the time required to plan the interviews and shootings and to execute them. But it has been rewarding to see how we have been able to help the young talents of the Portuguese fashion scene.

This first year, allowed us to understand the usefulness of a project like KAEOT in the market and after all the feedback we received and seeing the work developed being published and shared by respected media outlets such as Vogue Portugal, GQ Portugal, among others, has proven KAEOT’s purpose and reinforced our will to continue.

On this second year, some changes will have to be made in order to keep KAEOT’s mission of promoting these fashion talents and of gathering useful info about the Portuguese fashion industry - stay with us and we’ll keep you updated about it in the coming weeks!

We also want to take this chance to show our appreciation to the make up artists (Ana Santos, Anabela Gonçalves, Lenka, Sara Peterson and Tiago Figueiredo), the stylists (Dri Gomes and João Correia de Sá) and to Maria Inês Roque, for their effort and support to KAEOT during this first year.

Ultimately, we hope to keep inspiring you to create and contribute in any possible way, to make this a better industry for everyone involved!


- Keep An Eye On Them


kaeot 1 year
Goncalo Catarino