Bruno Azevedo @ Face Models

Bruno started his modeling career about a year ago and he has had quite a busy year, for a new face. You may even recognize his face from some editorials he has already done for national and international magazines.

His exquisite face, humbleness and easy going spirit are just some of his qualities, that quickly grab ones attention. But the best part comes when you start shooting! If our words are not enough to convince you why he is someone to Keep An Eye On, we hope the images bellow will help. 

bruno azevedo face models
bruno azevedo modelo

Agency: Face Models

City: Braga

How did you start? I was at a beach near Porto and I was approached by someone from a modeling school who invited me and then I ended up going to Face Models.

So far, which was the best experience as a model? Going to Hong Kong.

Who do you consider to be a reference/inspiration? Gonçalo Teixeira

Your favorite model? Lucky Blue.

Favorite designer? Miguel Vieira.

You are really good at… Singing (that’s what people say…)

You spend endless hours… Watching movies.

Any recommendation?I recently watched the Maze Runner movies.

Tell us something about you, that most people don’t know. I actually like singing.

If you could invite anyone for a coffee, who would that be? Adele, which is my favorite singer.

If you didn’t have to work to pay your bills, how would you spend your time? Traveling.  

Goncalo Catarino