Duda Proni @ L'Agence

Duda is another case of a very interesting genetic mix, in this case, from a Brazilian mother and a Portuguese father. And the result is this very nice girl with 1,76m (and still growing), a wonderful white and healthy skin (make up artists must love her) and some lovely freckles!

And despite her young age, she’s not exactly the type of new face that started a few months ago. Much like her colleague Maria Clara, Duda also started getting familiar with cameras since she was a little child and having been in several advertising movies and campaigns, easily explain her own body and face awareness. 

That said, we share with you these photos that totally convinced us that Duda is clearly someone to Keep An Eye On

duda proni
duda proni
duda proni

Agency: L'Agence

City: Lisbon

How did you start? It all started a while back when I did a commercial for McDonalds. After that I participated in last year's edition of L’Agence contest Go Top Model and that’s when I started to be more connected to fashion.

What do you like the most in the fashion world? The runways and the photoshoots.

Who do you consider to be a reference or an inspiration? Sara Sampaio.

Tell us something about you, most people don’t know about. I’m really shy.

If you could invite anyone for a drink, who would it be? Kylie Jenner. 

If you weren’t working to be a model, what else would you like to be? An actress. 

A dream you have as a model. To be like Sara Sampaio and be able to walk for Victoria Secret.

Goncalo Catarino