Henrique Rodrigues @ Elite Lisbon

henrique rodrigues elite lisbon

At a first look, Henrique has a certain coolness and typical vibe of someone with Brazilian blood on his veins. At a second look, when facing the camera, he brings up his game and doesn’t let down the first impression.

And you should wait until he starts warming his smile! Give him some time, put him at ease, let his vibe shine and you’ll understand why we think he’s someone to Keep An Eye On

henrique rodrigues modelo


Agency: Elite Lisbon

City: Lisbon

Why a model? I like the possibility of traveling around the world, meeting a lot of people and being remembered for something.

Who’s your main inspiration? My mother, definitely! She's a fighter and she gives everything she has in everything she does.

Who's your favorite Portuguese designer? Ricardo Preto.

Tell me something about you, that most people don’t know.  I love music and I spend most of my time dancing.

If you could invite a personality to go out for a drink, who would that be?  I'm a big fan of Trap Music, so I would really like to sit down and have a chat with the singer Future.

If you didn’t have to work to pay your bills, what would you do with your time? I would be traveling around the world and meeting new cultures.

A goal, as a model? I would like to leave my mark in the world.

Goncalo Catarino