Iris @ Just Models

What happens when you mix Portuguese and Dutch genes? Well, the possibilities are just too many, but we are happy to have met one of them: Iris. 

This kind and sweet smiling girl, can easily change from her innocent look into a bad ass looking girl (god bless that leather jacket!). This versatility, her facial features and the fact that she’s starting to take her first real steps in the fashion world, makes us wonder how far can she go. That’s why we think she’s someone to Keep An Eye On! 

iris just models

Agency: Just Models

City: Lisbon

How did you start? I never thought I would be here… I had been approached a few times before, but I wasn’t really sure about it and I was worried with my studies, but a few months ago, Duarte [Just Model’s booker] asked me and I thought it was about time to give it a shot...

Someone you look up to? My mother.

Favorite model? Gigi Hadid.

A brand/designer you’d love to walk for… Gucci!! 

You’re really good at… Cooking.

You spend too much time… Studying.

A guilty pleasure… You know the movie “Mean Girls”? I’ve watched it about 15 times!

Tell me something about you, that most people don’t know about. I love to be alone and to go for long walks. I can do it for endless hours. 

Goncalo Catarino