João Lima @ Central Models

joao lima central models

Ever heard the expression “there’s more to him than meets the eye”? Well, that’s how we would describe João Lima in one sentence.

In these shootings, the new face models have a few moments to show what they got. Maybe it was his acting background or his impromptu skills, but truth is, João got our attention from the first minute we met.

His calm but captivating personality and his strong will to learn new things, put this young fellow of 1,84m height, among the ones to Keep An Eye On! 


joao lima central models
joao lima central models

Agency: Central Models

City: Lisbon

Why a model? I am an actor and modeling came up recently. I’m someone who likes to experience and try new things, so I decided to grab this opportunity. And so far, I'm having a great time!

Who do you consider to be a reference for you? Marlon Brando and James Dean.

Tell us something about you that most people don’t know. I’m always studying. I love learning new things and for that reason, I’m always looking to learn a bit of everything.

 If you didn’t have to work to pay your bills, what would you do with your time? I would spend it studying and learning new things.

Is there a book or movie that everyone should watch or read?  The movie would definitely be “Citizen Kane” and a book… I would like to be more original, but I will say Shakespear and in particular “Hamlet”, for which I have a great affection thanks to my grandfather. 

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