Sara Rodrigues @ Fashion Studio Agency

With both her feet on the ground and the will to leave her mark on everything she does, that’s how we would describe Sara in just a few words.

But there’s much more into her than just that. Sara is very easy to get along with and we had a great time during our shooting. As you can see bellow, this joyful girl can work her serious face as quickly as she can pull a quirky or funny expression and we are very curious to see how will her career evolve. 

sara rodrigues
sara rodrigues
sara rodrigues


Agency: Fashion Studio Agency

City: Setúbal

What's the coolest thing about your city? Arrábida, definitely. Very few cities in the world can say that they’re only 15 minutes away of such a beautiful natural sight. 

How did you start? A while ago I participated in a runway contest show in my home town and I ended up winning it. After that I started doing some shootings and I signed with a small agency, which I left after the end of the first contract. And then, about year ago, I signed with Fashion Studio.

What do you like the most in the fashion world? I like to try a bit of everything because each work allows you to learn something different. But I would say that photoshoots and runways are my favourites. 

What’s your goal, as a model? For now, I'm just enjoying it. But on the long term, I want to keep investing on it, because a model’s career allows you to get in touch with a lot of different people and cultures, which is something I love. And I would also like to take the chances I have to leave my mark, because I see fashion also as a form of expression. 

Tell us something about you that most people don’t know. I spend about 1-2 hours with my headphones in my bedroom, dancing until I get tired.

If you could invite anyone for a drink, who would it be? I would invite Emma Watson, not only because of her acting skills, but also because of all the causes she stands for, which I really relate to.

If you didn’t have to work to pay your bills, how would you spend your time? I know this is a bit cliché, but I would be travelling, because of what I said before… I want to meet new people and cultures. I feel that the more experiences I get the more I grow as a person. 

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